How to Prevent Maskne - 2021 Guide


Covid-19 has immensely affected our lifestyles; wearing a face mask has become an essential part of our daily life to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. However, this does take a toll on our skin. Many people have noticed that they are breaking out around the cheeks, jawline, and chin area, especially now more than ever.

The term is called 'Maskne'; it is a common side effect of wearing a mask. It causes pimples, redness, and irritation to the area of the skin covered under the mask. This is due to the accumulation of dirt, sweat and excess oil on the face due to the area being covered and the mask not being breathable enough for the skin to breathe.

If maskne is a concern for you, keep on reading. We will be discussing some of the ways you can prevent it and get rid of it for good!

Step 1: Cleanser

Cleanse your face regularly, especially after coming home and taking off your mask. As sweat, dirt, excess oils further accumulate and impurify the skin due to the barrier of the mask. Keeping this in mind, removing makeup is essential as it only further amplifies the irritation created by the barrier of the mask.

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Step 2: Serum

We recommend opting for a serum with cleaner and clarifying ingredients that will help rejuvenate your skin without causing any breakouts or irritation to the skin. Soothing serums will help skin heal and handle skin concerns such as redness, breakouts, bumpiness, or irritation. Therefore, choosing a good serum that targets your concerns for maskne is essential.

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Step 3: Moisturiser

After washing your face, follow up with a moisturiser to rehydrate your skin. Try to get your hands on non-cosmogenic moisturiser to avoid skin irritation. Additionally, always wear SPF in the daytime, even if you are wearing a mask to help protect your skin from UV rays.

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Step 4: Type of mask

In order to prevent maskne, you must carefully select the type of mask you wear. It would help if you opted for a breathable mask and clean mask. Even if you wear a cloth mask, you must wash it up regularly. Sweat, dirt, build-up makeup, and other pollutants can get stuck in the cloth and might cause your maskne. The best solution is to keep a selection of mask that you can wash in between and regularly switch. 

Step 5: Slight changes

If possible, you should try to avoid makeup whenever you can, as it can clog pores and make your maskne flare up more. The mask and makeup do not mix up well. The mask traps the air and makes your skin moist and a breeding ground for bacteria; having makeup on will only worsen the situation. Moreover, certain foods such as coffee, eggs or chocolates can have a direct effect on your skin. Try to avoid certain foods that can cause sensitivity or irritation to your skin.


And that's it... You're all ready for heading out and getting rid of maskne with a Luvita-approved skincare guide!

On a side note, we know the pandemic has caused a lot of anxiety and unease in our lifestyles; however, you should try calming activities as stress causes your skin to break out. You should always prioritise your health and wellbeing first and keep yourself stress-free.

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